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Migrating SBS 2003 to Windows Server 2008 with Exchange 2007

Start by installing Windows Server 2008 on the server you’re intending on using for mail. In our example we installed all the Exchange functionality on a single server – in practice you’ll probably want to separate out the Hub and Storage functions, and use a separate Edge server for mail traffic and user access to mail. There’s no problem with connecting to the network while you’re doing the install – Windows Server 2008 installs as a workgroup server – and you’ll automatically be delivered the latest drivers and the most up to date OS patches. You’ll also need to give the server an appropriate fixed IP address, as it’s going to become a key component of the network infrastructure.
On the role and feature-based install model introduced with Windows Server 2003 and enhanced in Windows Server 2003 R2. Make sure you use these tools to install Internet Information Server – as Exchange 2007 will use it for Outlook Web Access and Exchange ActiveSync. Exchange 2007 requires that servers have…

AutoDiscover (Internal & External)

The Autodiscover service automatically configures and maintains server settings for client computers that are running Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. This Service allows your Outlook 2007 clients to  retrieve the URLs that it needs to gain access to the new web services offered by Exchange server 2007. Autodiscover service is automatically installed and configured when the CAS (Client Access Server) role is added to any Exchange 2007 server. During the configuration ,a virtual directory is created named Autodiscover under the Default Web Site (SBS Web Applications in SBS) and a Service Connection Point (SCP) object is created in the Active Directory, allowing the Outlook 2007 clients to find and communicate with the  Exchange 2007 server SCP in Active Directory - ADSI Edit - Configuration - CN=Configuration,DC=Server,DC=local - CN=Services-CN=Microsoft Exchange-CN=First Organization-CN=Administrative Groups-CN=Exchange Administrative Group  (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)-CN=Servers-CN=SBS-CN=Pr…

Migrating Small Business Server 2008 to Windows Server 2008

There has always been a question How to Migrate SBS 2008 to Windows 2008 Server? I tried to put up some steps which will help in migrating SBS 2008 to Windows Server 2008 .
Step 1: Backup the SBS 2008 Box (Make sure SBS 2008 is in Healthy State) Step 2: Introduce Windows 2008 to the SBS 2008 Domain Use the below link to make it an additional domain controller in the same domain as SBS 2008 Installing an Additional Domain Controller Step 3: Introduce another Windows 2008 as a member server -Install Windows 2008 on another new box -This Windows 2008 server would be used for Exchange server 2007 installation as it is not recommended that you run Exchange on a domain controller -Use the below link to make this Windows 2008 as a member server and join it to the SBS 2008 domain
Introduce a Windows Server 2008-Based Member Server Join a Domain from a Workgroup http://technet.mi…