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Exchange 2007 Services and Function Part 2 (A Little More)

In My Previous Blog i tried putting up Exchange Functions with the related executables. In this blog you will see more description on Exchange 2007 Services which are responsible for Client Access Server, Hub Transport Server, Mailbox Server, Edge Server and Unified Messaging. This article is purely published on the basis of event triggered from my virtual lab. Event ID's whatever you see in your production environment may vary compare to this however the function of each service will remain the same.
1) Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology: This service is responsible to provide the information of Active Directory Information to Exchange Server Components. This service need to be started on the client Access Server, Hub Transport Server, Mailbox Server and Unified Messaging Server. It doesn’t depend on dependencies in order to start. However there are some other Exchange Services which are dependent on this service. 
List of Services which are dependent on this service: -


Exchange 2007 Services and Function

Service Name Executable Name Function Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology/MSExchangeADTopology MSExchangeADTopologyService.exe Provides Exchange Server 2007 with Active Directory site, domain controller, and global catalog server information. This component is found on all Exchange 2007 server roles except the Edge Transport Microsoft Exchange ADAM/ADAM_MSExchange Dsamain.exe This is the ADAM instance that holds the Edge Transport server role's configuration, recipient information, safe sender lists, and blocked sender lists. This service is only found on the Edge Transport role. Microsoft Exchange Anti-spam Update/MSExchange AntispamUpdate Microsoft.Exchange.AntispamUpdateSvc.exe This service provides updates for the content filter service. This service is found on the Edge Transport and Hub Transport server roles. Microsoft Exchange Credential Service/EdgeCredentialSvc EdgeCredentialSvc.exe This service monitors credential changes for the ADAM database and updates the Edge Transport …