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Message Routing in Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 simplifies the management of the physical layout of Exchange by eliminating the need for routing groups and relying on the Active Directory site architecture instead. Servers with the Hub Transport role accept messages from Mailbox servers, determine the location of the destination mailbox database, and deliver the message to a Hub Transport server in the remote Active Directory site.
I am sure you might have read about Exchange 2007 roles. Let me try and brief it again:- The best way to think of Exchange 2007 server roles is to think of a server that has the necessary software and configuration to perform only a specific set of functions. This makes installing servers with dedicated functions much easier. Dedicated server roles are also more secure because only the necessary software is installed, thus reducing the attack surface. With Exchange 2007, the server roles are assigned with the setup.
There are five basic server roles: -Mailbox Server Role -Client Access Role -Hu…