Activate Exchange 2010 Manually

In this Blog i will try to put some tested methods to activate your Microsoft Exchange 2010.

-The Build version of Exchange is 14.00.0702.000.
-The RTM version of Exchange 2010 is 14.00.0639.021.
-The SP1 version of Exchange is 14.01.0218.015.

Always makes sure you are running SP1 version of Exchange 2010 not RTM. If its RTM upgrade it to SP1:-

-Open Exchange Shell in Elevated Mode and run the following command --

Set-ExchangeServer ServerName -ProductKey #####-#####-#####-#####-#####

-Restart Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service

Note:- Mention the ServerName without mistake

Some Key type Description :-

CUS This custom key requires special actions to activate or install.
MAK This volume license key (MAK) allows multiple activations.
RTL This retail key allows multiple activations.
STA This setup key bypasses activation.
VL1 This is a VA 1.0 key
OEM This is an Original Equipment Manufacturer key that allows multiple activations.
AAA This retail key is for Academic Alliance programs and allows one activation. These keys are issued in batches.
AAL This lab use key is for Academic Alliance programs and allows multiple activations.
AAM This is a multiple activation key for Academic Alliance program customers.
AV1 This volume license key (VA 1.0) is for Academic Alliance programs and allows multiple installations.
AV2 This volume license key (KMS) is for Academic Alliance programs.

Downloads for Exchange 2007 and 2010:-


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