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How To Work On Cross Site Failure in Exchange 2010 Environment (Failover and Failback)

Lets consider we have 2 Site "SITE ALPHA and SITE BETA" , SITE ALPHA is running 2 Exchange 2010 Server and SITE BETA is running 1 Exchange 2010 Server. SITE ALPHA is configured as Active Cluster Node and SITE BETA as Passive Cluster Node. In this documentation we will try and get the Passive Cluster Node up and running if the Active Cluster goes down and even do a failback. The entire infrastructure is designed keeping the High Availability options of Exchange 2010.
This is how my Exchange Inftrastructure looks like:-
EXCAHNGE SERVER SITE DAG FSW CAS ARRAY DATABASE COPY Alpha (Prod Site) DAG 1 FSW 1 Mapi1 D1 ,D2 ,D3 Alpha (Prod Site) DAG 1 FSW 1 Mapi1 D1 ,D2 ,D3 Beta (DR Site) DAG 1 FSW 2 Mapi2 D1 ,D2 ,D3
Prod Site  - Production Site DR Site     - Disaster Recovery Site
Before moving further one should understand some important concepts or phrases that we will use in this documentation.
Database Availability Group (DAG)

A database availability gr…