DirectAccess logging UI changed in Windows 8.1 (Collect Logs Missing)

If you want to use the old Windows 8 logging on Windows 8.1,  you can do the following steps to achieve it.

Here is a workaround to achieve the feature :

  • You need to Copy DAPROP.EXE from C:\Windows\system32 on Windows 8 computer, to C:\Windows\system32 on Windows 8.1 computer.
  • Also Copy DAPROP.EXE.MUI from C:\Windows\system32\en-us on Windows 8 computer, to C:\Windows\system32\en-us on Windows 8.1 computer **(For other languages you may have to use other .MUI files).
  • Open C:\Windows\system32 directory on the Windows 8.1 computer and Run DAPROP.EXE.

I am sure this might help!!!

Note :- The options like Collect logs,Email logs and View logs will all work after following these steps ,which don't work with the new logging interface.

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