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The snip could not be sent. Check that an email program is installed and then try again.

After capturing the image using Snipping Tool and clicking on Send Snip Mail button gives an error.

Note : This is in reference wherein we are using Microsoft Office


Such error occur if there is no MAPI-compliant mail client installed in the system or the installed is corrupt.

Issue also occurs due to latest Windows 10 1709 feature update, MS Office also came out a security update KB 4011626 for outlook that causing this issue.


In my case we were running Microsoft Outlook 2010 email client (Same fix applies to all versions of Microsoft Outlook Client)

Look for the Update and Uninstalling the Update will also fix the issue, but we must not uninstall or Hide an update. So lets move ahead with the fix of Outlook Mapi Client

Make sure to Close Microsoft Outlook application and Snipping Tool. Also make sure both the applications are Unpinned from the task bar (Just In Case)

Open regeditLocate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Clients\Mail\Microsoft OutlookBackup / Export the Micro…